Kero Development Partners

How we work

Kero invests in innovative engineering technologies that solve real world problems.

We seek opportunities based on promising, patented/patentable ideas, with a committed core team.
We provide experience, mentorship and assistance with the management of growth and the development of your technology.

Investment Process

We make prompt decisions about each opportunity we evaluate

A quick, efficient investment process is our aim. We will ask for a full and frank early disclosure of key information to facilitate due diligence and move expediently to complete the investment.

What We Look For


Technology that can make a real difference


A passionate, committed and well-balanced core team of inventors or entrepreneurs with realistic plans and expectations


We invest in opportunities where we can add value, by bringing relevant experience as well as funding


Patented/patentable technology


Above all, we are looking to invest ethically; in technologies that will benefit society and the environment

Our Services

What we can do


We understand the importance and challenges of properly funding innovation and growth and have the resources and flexibility to provide effective solutions

Strategic Insight

We work closely with you to understand your goals and aims, and develop a strategy to succeed

Build Value

Exit planning can be complex. We use our experience and network to reach the well deserved financial benefit for all shareholders

Accounts & Bookkeeping

As part of your day to day team Kero helps with the company secretarial, bookkeeping and accounts work. This enables you to focus on building value

Intellectual Property

Together with our professional advisors we help develop IP strategies that will protect your ideas and technology and “set the bar”

Operational Support & Management

We provide Support and Management to run the business efficiently and professionally. We assist in hiring new team members and handling contracts


Our current investments


A clean tech engineering company that has developed a simple to use and durable coating application for overhead power lines. The coating increases the performance of electricity networks while reducing energy losses, cost and emissions.

Kero’s investment will allow the Company to carry out field trials in several locations, develop the offering for customers and make further recruits to strengthen the team.

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Power Roll

A company that has developed a unique, flexible, lightweight solar film capable of producing ultra-low-cost green electricity. Power Roll can also use the film for energy storage and to manufacture capacitors.

Kero’s investment will help to ensure the Company has sufficient capital to meet key milestones as they scale up their technology.

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Microtech Ceramics

Microtech has developed a ceramic membrane filtration technology with surface area and flux that significantly outperforms current ceramic filtration technology.

Kero’s investment is supporting the qualification of the technology and opening up commercial opportunities in both liquid and gas filtration.

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ZELIM is revolutionising the offshore safety industry by deploying the world's first unmanned and semi autonomous rescue vessels.

Kero’s support will help the Company to achieve key milestones as they work towards launching their first fleet of vessels.

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Actuation Lab

Actuation Lab are redesigning industrial hardware to reduce friction wear and fugitive emissions.

Kero’s investment will support further development and testing of the Callimorph actuator, the Dragonfly stemless valve as well as future products.

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Descycle are using Deep Eutectic Solvents to recycle valuable and critical metals from e-waste in order to accelerate a circular economy.

Kero’s investment will support the business scaling its technology and engaging with industry, demonstrating its multiple applications.

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Go Eve

Go Eve’s DockChain technology makes rapid DC charging possible for all parking spaces at little more than the cost of slow AC charging.

Kero’s investment will support multiple field trials and early customer adoption.

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Zak Mobility

Zak Mobility’s in-wheel suspension and electric hub motor reduces vehicle weight and road vibrations and enables greater chassis flexibility and improved handling.

Kero’s investment will enable the advancement of prototypes to production model and entry into the first market of last-mile delivery.

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P.E.S Technologies

P.E.S. Technologies have developed an innovative handheld ‘in-field’ soil analysis device that will allow farmers and agronomists to quickly and accurately monitor soil health through detecting and analysing volatile organic compounds.

Kero’s investment will allow the company to scale up manufacturing, finish the development of a commercially ready device and recruit key hires.

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Read what our investees have to say about Kero:

"I was impressed with Kero’s approach from the outset. They are passionately excited by the potential of my technology and also understand that engineering projects can experience bumps along the way! Following the investment Kero helped me to move premises, finance a significant capex plan, hire my new team and put proper governance into my Company."

Ben Kingsbury, CTO MicroTech Ceramics

Our story

We are Kero

Kero was founded in 2017 by Roger Doo and Keith Jones following their exit from Henrob, a global engineering business that Keith had set up to develop and exploit an innovative fastening technology.

Since established, Kero has bolstered its team with several key appointments. In addition to technical expertise, Kero now boasts significant capabilities in corporate finance, operations and financial management.

Kero aims to provide the kind of empathetic support that Roger and Keith would have liked during the early stages of their entrepreneurial journey.


Meet the Team

We are Kero

Keith Jones


Roger Doo

BSc ACGI CEng MIMechE Technical Director

Zac Hall

LLB / BCom Managing Director

Ciaran Doherty

FCCA Finance Director

Steven Malone

BA FCCA Investment Manager

Gillian Fleming

Investment Associate

Chris Bate

Senior Investment Manager

Corrine Urmson

BSc MSc Finance Assistant

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